Document Redaction Services You Didn’t Know Your Firm Needed

Why do you need document redaction?

Those in the legal, medical, and financial sectors are no doubt familiar with the need for fast and thorough document redaction. Many firms have chosen to move from redacting documents in-house to leaving this responsibility in the hands of document redaction professionals.

Many business owners and firms have found that this shift has resulted in document redaction that is more economical. By having their team focus on the aspects of their jobs that they are trained in and meant to do, productivity increases, and time is saved. When using expert document redaction services, firms can trust document redaction has been done correctly and holds to industry standards and compliance. Increased peace of mind and knowledge that all privacy and security measures have been taken with confidential information is an invaluable confidence those that go to document redaction professionals can have.

What kind of document redaction services are available?

Depending on the industry and what kind of documents need redacting, redaction firms comply with different compliance guidelines and use a variety of methods to effectively redact documents. Most document redaction services focus on redacting personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI or ePHI), and more detailed redaction most commonly needed for medical records, hearing transcripts, banking statements, police reports, and more.

Industries that benefit from document redaction:

With the wide range of information that must be protected, there are countless industries that necessitate redaction services. These include but are not limited to:


Where to go for document redaction

Firms that need experienced and highly qualified redaction services go to Hill Redaction Services. Hill Redaction Services specializes in redacting for law firms and offers fast turnaround time for urgent cases, and cost-effective pricing. Hill Redaction Services are well-versed in compliance standards for many industries requiring document redaction and can guarantee efficient and thorough redaction. If you are a business or a firm needing redaction services, visit and submit a contact form to schedule a free consultation.