“The best advice I wish we received is, lean into the change rather than trying to prevent it.”

Zena Hill-Obebe


Meet Zena Hill-Obebe, the CEO and Founder of Hill Redaction Services.
Zena was born and raised in England and moved to the US several years ago. Along with being a successful business owner, she is a wife and mother to two amazing little boys.
Growing up, Zena always had an interest in entrepreneurship. After years of working in the finance and legal industry as a paralegal, she noticed that a large part of her workload was redacting. This is a big problem that needs a big solution.
From there on, Zena began researching and developing an idea: The legal industry needs a document redaction service dedicated to maintaining compliance, security, and accuracy so their paralegals and legal assistants can focus on their actual tasks. Soon, Hill Redaction Services was up and running.
 Being a female entrepreneur is complex and comes with its successes and challenges. Most recently, Zena feels that one of her biggest successes was surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, an unprecedented event. No business class or textbook can advise you through it. Yet, Hill Redaction Services came out of it a stronger company. 
Hill Redaction Services fills the gap and provides much-needed services to companies across industries nationwide! Creating Hill Redaction Services allowed Zena to pursue her passion of entrepreneurship while helping companies along the way. Zena uses her passion to tirelessly advocate for women in business – specifically moms in entrepreneurship.